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Lisa Hammitt Inspires Next Generation Technologists

This spring, Davidson Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer Lisa Hammitt made quite an impact on Huntsville's next generation of technology experts. This spring, Hammitt volunteered to visit, chat with and mentor student teams from the Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering. ASCTE is the nation’s only high school focused on the integration of cyber technology and engineering into all academic disciplines. ASCTE is a public, residential magnet high school serving students throughout the state of Alabama.

Lisa Hammitt has remarked explicitly on the importance of inspiring our youth to explore STEM education. During an interview in late 2020, she not only issued a plea, but offered a pledge:

"Great things happen when you share knowledge; and what I want to Huntsville to do is take the gem of all this knowledge here, and I’d love you guys to give back. Turn it outward, right?"

Hammitt continued, "We have kids that could benefit so greatly from the problem-solving skills in this community. Take the knowledge and find a way to use the technology we have here to blast it out. We’ve got to get this generation educated, we’ve got to get them interested in space, we have to get them interested in AI. So join me in doing that and I will be your biggest ambassador," Hammitt pledged. "I will show up, I will help form course curriculum but turn it outward and start using it for some of these harder to reach places — that’s my big ask."

Following her visit to ASCTE, Davidson Headquarters received the following message about student response from DeAnne Boseck, Assistant to Deans:

Hammitt continues to inspire others through her involvement in Davidson's newly launched Thought Leadership Series, Qubits, where she chats with Davidson President, MG John W. Holly (USA, Ret.) Check out the debut Qubits episode concerning Artificial Intelligence below.

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