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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • New class of network optimized for complex AI

  • Unique AI-powered capabilities to amplify privacy

  • Ensuring data encryption and quantum level management

  • Richer, more comprehensive modeling environment

  • Distributed, edge device-centric landscape

  • Machine Learning

  • Semantic Reconciliation

  • Real-Time Analytics


We are delivering new capabilities leveraging our patent-pending, unique AI-powered capabilities to amplify privacy and ensure data encryption are managed at the quantum level – resulting in greater Cyber Resilience for the defense and security of our Nation. 


As upstream exploration relies on the digital oil field to determine the most precise places to drill, we see the highest growth (11% CAGR) is in AI-enabled operations. IOT sensors serve as a backbone and Davidson has worked with global energy providers to increase efficiencies by over 50%.

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