Our History

For 25 years, Davidson has distinguished itself in the aerospace and missile defense industry with an outstanding reputation for excellence. Specifically, we’re recognized for hiring noted experts, experienced engineers and scientists dedicated to providing solutions to complex problems in support of our Nation’s security.

Executive Bios

Dr. Julian Davidson founded Davidson Technologies, Inc. in 1996, dedicating his company to providing high-quality engineering and technical services to defense and aerospace customers. Dr. Davidson envisioned a company that would be customer focused and solution oriented, all within an atmosphere that attracts and retains quality professionals with extensive technical knowledge.

After Dr. Davidson’s passing in 2013, his wife Dr. Dorothy Davidson stepped in to run the company as a woman-owned small business. Her business acumen and engineering background provided a seamless transition and offered a new and exciting vision for growth. 7 years later in 2020, we were again poised to enter a new era of excellence and ingenuity. In this vein of re-strategizing, repositioning and rebranding, Davidson launched a new logo & brand identity — but our mission remains the same — solving diverse engineering and technical challenges through comprehensive, integrated solutions for our Nation’s security.