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Davidson Included in NDIA 2023 AI Sourcebook

ARLINGTON, VA – In January, NDIA has released its 2023 AI Sourcebook, a free PDF that serves as a comprehensive reference guide for AI providers. This sourcebook focuses on AI in the U.S. defense sector and provides a survey of companies offering real, actionable AI solutions and services, categorized based on their proven capabilities and fields of expertise.

The first edition of the AI Sourcebook was published in 2022 and was created to fill a gap in the sector, as there was no other readily accessible way of parsing companies in the field.

The AI Sourcebook categorizes companies that provide actionable AI solutions and services by using an AI Ontology that divides the wide field of AI into three general categories: AI Software, AI Hardware, and AI Services. Each category contains several AI technological aspects that are central to AI as a technology.

We are proud to announce that Davidson has been included in NDIA's 2023 AI Sourcebook. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative AI solutions and services to our clients in the U.S. defense sector.

"NDIA is pleased to provide the 2023 AI Sourcebook as a comprehensive reference guide to AI providers," says Jen Stewart, Executive Vice President for Policy and Strategy at NDIA. "The sourcebook is part of NDIA’s commitment to strengthening connections between government leaders and industry partners on the most relevant capabilities our warfighters need to maintain their competitive advantage."

We invite you to access the AI Sourcebook and explore the companies included in this comprehensive guide. You can access the sourcebook here.



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