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Dorothy Davidson, CEO Davidson Technologies Inc., Commits to Work through Challenge

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

July 3, 2018

As many, if not all of you know, Dorothy has been away from the DTI offices for about a month due to medical issues. She was originally admitted to the hospital for severe back pain. After a series of tests, Dorothy has been diagnosed with cancer, and is currently, actively undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment. We have every reason to be optimistic that this treatment protocol will be successful. Dorothy has accepted all the treatment recommendations of her doctors and is fighting this challenge with all her normal spirit and commitment.

While undergoing treatment, Dorothy continues to actively work and provide management guidance and decisions for DTI. To minimize exposure to potential infection, and avoid unnecessary distractions, Dorothy is working from home, where she conducts regular meetings and continues to coordinate on a regular daily basis with DTI management and staff. Decisions have not yet been made concerning the timing of her return to the office.

Dorothy and senior management want you to be assured and confident in their commitment and expectation to see this challenge through without any interruption in DTI‘s present business, or concern for its future. As all of you well know, Dorothy is a fighter and, fortunately, has good reason to expect a positive outcome.

DTI’s customers and partners will continue to receive the same support you have always received, and can be confident that the DTI management team and support staff are poised to successfully seize and meet all of the challenges and opportunities which presently exist, or may arise, as we address business opportunities together. As discussed above, Dorothy remains actively engaged on a daily basis, and DTI President, Dr. Joe Green, has stepped up to provide onsite leadership until Dorothy can return to the office. He has assumed roles as necessary to meet the present challenge. Please feel free to reach out to Joe to address any issues or questions you may have.

DTI invites you to join us as we commit ourselves to work through this challenge, as we all look forward to and pray for Dorothy’s rapid recovery and return to the office. This release has been made both to keep you informed as well as to dispel any unnecessary concerns which may have been engendered by Dorothy‘s absence from the office.



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