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Huntsville City Council Issues Resolution Honoring Legacy of Dr. Dorothy Davidson

May 27, 2021 — Thursday evening during their regularly scheduled meeting, Huntsville City Council issued a resolution honoring the community legacy of the late Dr. Dorothy Davidson, who passed May 11th. District 2 Council Member Frances Akridge presented the resolution to Meredith Payne, Vice President of Business Development, Strategy and Communication, who accepted the commendation on behalf of Team Davidson. Before presenting the resolution she sponsored, Akrige remarked:

"Certainly, we were saddened and shocked by the passing of our dedicated community leader, Dr. Dorothy Davidson and we want to honor her remarkable accomplishments and achievements, not only as a woman, but a woman in the engineering field, and to our community."

After Akridge read the above resolution, she asked Meredith Payne if she would like to share any thoughts about her personal relationship with Dr. Davidson.

"Dr. Davidson was also a friend of mine," said Payne. "She was a trailblazer within the industry, obviously, but personally, she was an amazing woman who gave her life to people, and so that's what her legacy should be within the city of Huntsville."

"It is certainly fitting that we recognize a pioneer and a tremendous community leader and an incredibly generous philanthropist as well," added District 3 Council President Jennie Robinson. "Dorothy gave me a piece of advice once; she said, 'never let them see you cry.' Every time I violate that, I think of her," Robinson smiled.

District 4 Councilman and Third Presiding Officer, Bill Kling finished, "She was a wonderful person and she will be greatly missed by people from all areas of the community."



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