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Meet Team Davidson at SMD 22

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Meet Team Davidson's Leaders and subject-matter-experts at

Booth #429

Team Davidson is proud to exhibit and support the 2022 Space and Missile Defense Symposium as a Silver Sponsor. The Symposium is one of the leading educational, professional development and networking events in the space and missile defense community. SMD Symposium is widely attended by nearly 4,000 leaders and professionals from the U.S. and its allies around the world.

The symposium will feature presentations from top space and missile defense industry companies as well as representatives from the Missile Defense Agency, Space and Missile Defense Command, Strategic Command, Northern Command, Space Command, Army Futures Command, the Marshall Space Flight Center and PEO Missiles and Space.


Some of Davidson's subject-matter-experts will also be presenting during the symposium.

HASBAT Small Business Showcase :

Speaker: Dr. Brad Atkins - Senior Modeling & Simulation Engineer

Title: Rapid Optimization of Trajectories for Hypersonics

Time: Wednesday, August 10 (1:30 -1:45PM)

Abstract: Davidson’s capability discussion will focus on Rapid Optimization of Trajectories for Hypersonics (ROTH). Our capability briefing will feature trajectory optimization work developed at Davidson to advance defensive and offensive capabilities for hypersonic glide vehicles (HGVs). HGVs are advanced strike weapon platforms that use boost vehicles to accelerate a glide vehicle to hypersonic speeds within the sensible atmosphere. Upon separation from the booster, the glide vehicle can travel up to 100+ times the release altitude and intercept a terminal target. The low glide altitudes and high maneuverability of these platforms make them very difficult to defend against. The high maneuverability enables in-flight obstacle avoidance such as known radar sites and in-bound interceptors. Our talk will showcase techniques to optimize the boost and glide phases using pseudospectral collocation techniques. Applications will be shown for long range strike and obstacle avoidance. The aim of this talk is to inform the government attendees and defense industry peers on advanced HGV strike capability and showcase the innovative solutions Davidson contributes to this space.

SMD Tech Track:

Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Sewell & Dr. Matthew Puckett

Title: A New Strategy for the Infinite Cybersecurity Game

Time: Wednesday, August 10 (4:25- 4:45PM)

Abstract: The mathematics of Game Theory illuminates the merits and drawbacks of cybersecurity strategies. Cybersecurity defense is largely practiced as a game that can be won—implement training, policies, and controls to prevent cyber compromise of the system. This approach fails in the infinite game, in which the goal is to stay in the game as long as possible. Focusing on nation-state players, we examine types of attackers and the risk implied by certain defensive strategies. Then, we motivate a risk mitigation strategy that requires frequent, independent hardware updates. These ideas are discussed in greater detail in the chapters by Sewell and Puckett in the newly published book, Theoretical Cybersecurity by Jacob Oakley et al.

Our Team

Davidson Technologies, Inc. (Davidson) is a premier technology and engineering company. Operating since 1996, our highly-skilled systems engineers, analysts, cybersecurity professionals, and senior subject-matter experts h

ave helped solve some of our Nation’s most difficult technical challenges.

Davidson currently executes U.S. Government and commercial contracts focused on cybersecurity, systems engineering and integration, flight/ground test and evaluation, and modeling and simulation. We also integrate advanced cyber architectures capable of leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning in all our solutions. Our capabilities reach across the space and missile defense domains as well as commercial markets.

For nearly three decades Davidson has been an industry leader in missile defense and integral to the advancement of Ballistic Missile Defense Systems and intercept technologies. We understand the engineering challenges of providing reliable missile defense and our proven products and solutions have significantly increased our nation’s ability to defend against advancing threats.

We also develop, maintain, and support our own commercial applications. We provide engineering support to commercial efforts and leverage our strong expertise to support any programs, regardless of the industry. Our overarching priority is to ensure we remain solution focused, responsive to our customers’ needs and dedicated, at every step, to providing value through achieving their goals.

Join us August 9-11 at Booth #429 to hear from Davidson’s subject-matter experts and learn more about our growing capabilities and team.



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