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ASCTE Students Gain Valuable Insights from Team Davidson's HQ Tours

(HUNTSVILLE, AL) – As proud Education Partners of the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering (ASCTE), Davidson recently welcomed groups of 20-30 ASCTE students over four days during the week of April 22 for tours of our new corporate headquarters. During these tours, students had the opportunity to gain insights from senior leaders, subject matter experts, and IT professionals at Davidson.

From career path advice to the architecture of our internal network security, Team Davidson shared valuable knowledge and experiences with the ASCTE students.

Here's what some of the participating students shared with us about their experience:

"I enjoyed the affirmation about how not to be anyone but yourself. Very inspirational!"
"I learned more about what I would gain if I joined the military."
"I liked hearing about the applications of things we're learning about here like the OSI model."
"I really liked hearing the IT presentation. The employees were very knowledgeable about networking, provided examples of how our schooling applies to real-world problems, & gave simple explanations of the complex subject of networking."
"The tour was very interesting and engaging. I liked the trivia and the insight into colleges the best. The cookies were also delicious."
"I liked how they were interactive with us and how they went in depth with the things that they do and give us information on what we learned in our classes to apply to real-world industry."
"I liked the energy of the employees at Davidson and how they seemed to be a tight-knit community! The speaker from contracting was well-traveled and gave an especially interesting talk on his experience living in the Middle East and how that changed his perspective working in the defense industry."
"What I liked best about this tour was learning about the security monitoring and log-in widgets. I liked how they explained all the parts of their company and their backgrounds. I also liked the cyber presentation and explanation of what they do at Davidson."
"I loved learning about Davidson's cybersecurity framework. I also found it extremely interesting that Alabama's first quantum computer is to be built there."

At Davidson, we are committed to investing in the next generation of cyber and engineering professionals. We are excited to continue our partnership with ASCTE and look forward to supporting their mission of providing high-quality education to students interested in pursuing careers in cybersecurity and engineering.

ASCTE was recently featured on NBC New Digital. Watch the video below:

About ASCTE:

The Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering (ASCTE) is the nation’s only high school focused on integrating cyber technology and engineering into all academic disciplines. ASCTE is a public, residential magnet high school serving students throughout Alabama. Its mission is to ensure all students achieve high levels of learning to be successful in implementing cyber protections into the engineering lifecycle.



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