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Davidson Selected as "Awardable" Vendor in DoD's Tradewind Solutions Marketplace

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

(HUNTSVILLE, AL.) – We are excited to announce Team Davidson has been selected as an 'awardable' vendor in the DoD's Tradewind Solutions Marketplace.

"I am delighted to share our excitement regarding this remarkable achievement," says Patti Dare, Chief Growth Officer (CGO) at Davidson Technologies. "Through the relentless dedication and hard work of our exceptional technical teams, we have the opportunity to support the mission and the defense industry via the Tradewind Solutions Marketplace. This not only expands our reach but also solidifies our unwavering commitment to supporting the DoD's evolving digital transformation objectives, in alignment with the CDAO's vision. We are ready and eager to contribute our expertise, insights, and technological advancements to solve some of the hardest problems facing our nation today and responsibly further the adoption of AI-based solutions across the DoD."

The Tradewind Solutions Marketplace is the DoD's digital environment of post-competition, readily awardable, technology solution pitch videos.

The video solutions housed within the marketplace have been assessed and vetted through competitive procedures which satisfy the competition requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), and the Statutes, Policies, and guidance applicable to the DoD's Other Transaction Authorities.

The Marketplace provides a venue for DoD organizations to search, view, review, compare, contrast, contact, discuss, negotiate, and procure data, analytics, digital, and AI/ML capabilities solutions through rapid acquisition procedures.

For industry, academic partners, and individuals, the Marketplace is a single location to identify, describe, and promote data, analytics, digital, and AI/ML technology solutions, products, and services to the DoD in an environment with a rapid acquisition contract pathway.

Our Solution

At Davidson, we’re all about Accelerating Excellence…so we’ve built a tool which drastically increases the relevancy and timeliness of a commander’s situational awareness, and ultimately, mission success.

Introducing, Apollo Vision – defining the operational environment and assisting imagery and geospatial analysts in answering commanders’ Priority Intelligence Requirements.

Apollo Vision streamlines the process by leveraging Natural Language Processing techniques to understand analyst requests, and fine-tuned Computer Vision models to search through imagery and identify targets of interest.

Apollo Vision is wrapped in a chat bot app to provide analysts with an easy-to-use application that would be added to analyst workstations to integrate into current workflows.

While other approaches may focus on past textual reports or past imagery separately to assist the analyst, the combination of the two provides more meaningful, actionable intelligence. The combination of textual reporting and imagery is critical to ensuring high-quality situational awareness for the commander.

Apollo Vision assists imagery and geospatial analysts by automating large portions of the Intelligence Cycle process. With Apollo Vision, analysts will be able to respond to EEIs faster, spend more time on complicated questions, and provide unparalleled situational awareness to their commanders.

Apollo Vision: Mission Success, Within Sight.

Customer Process

Government customers who are interested in viewing solutions on the Tradewind Solutions Marketplace should first create a Tradewind Exchange government account at Once logged into the Tradewind Exchange, government customers can view awardable video solutions on the Tradewind Solutions Marketplace. Through the Marketplace, customer organizations may communicate directly with solution providers to get more information or request a demonstration of the solution.

When the government customer is ready to procure the solution, they may engage their local contracting support activity to define and document their requirement and acquisition approach. In the event that the government customer does not have a local contracting support activity, they should reach out to to be connected to the Tradewind Acquisition Support team, who can assist them through the procurement process.

If you have any further questions, please direct them to



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