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Davidson to Host D-Wave Quantum Computer at New Global HQ in Huntsville

Photo of Davidson's Global HQ in Huntsville, AL

(HUNTSVILLE, AL & PALO ALTO, CA) – Davidson is announcing a groundbreaking development in its ongoing commitment to significantly advance national defense technology: the installation of a D-Wave Advantage™ quantum computer at their newly opened global headquarters at Huntsville’s Redstone Gateway. This strategic investment represents a major leap forward in Team Davidson’s mission to support the U.S. Warfighter with cutting-edge technology and optimization enhancements.

(D-Wave CEO Dr. Alan Baratz & Davidson President Dale Moore share the stage at Qubits Conference.)
(D-Wave CEO Dr. Alan Baratz & Davidson President Dale Moore share the stage at Qubits Conference.)

The announcement was made official on Monday, June 17, through a D-Wave press release and live on stage during their Qubits 2024 quantum computing conference in Boston. Forthcoming construction and installation of the D-Wave Advantage quantum computer is expected to be completed in 2025.

Davidson’s President, Dale Moore, followed Monday’s announcement with a presentation at the Qubits Conference, where he emphasized the strong D-Wave partnership and briefed internal research and development use cases Davidson’s subject-matter-experts have been honing over the past year-and-a-half.

Davidson is proud to again partner with the firms who helped their new 46,000 SF Global Headquarters in Huntsville come to fruition. General contractors, Brasfield & Gorrie, and Fuqua & Partners Architects will lead additional construction on the Redstone Gateway property to meet specific environmental and technical facility requirements.

“This sophisticated addition will allow Davidson to reach another level in serving its clients,” said Brasfield & Gorrie Vice President and Division Manager, Sara Beth Wilcox. The general contractor recently built Davidson’s headquarters. “Enhancing their space for the D-Wave Advantage system reflects our shared commitment to innovation and excellence.”


"As we continue to expand the technological landscape at Redstone Gateway, we are excited that Davidson will host D-Wave’s second U.S.-based Advantage quantum computer. This placement underscores our commitment to fostering innovation and pushing the boundaries of computational capabilities right here in Huntsville,” said James Lomax, Vice President, Asset Management of Corporate Office Properties Trust(COPT) Defense Properties.


A Technology Milestone for Alabama


This installation will mark the first annealing quantum computer in Alabama, placing Davidson and Huntsville at the forefront of critical technology innovation. The D-Wave Advantage system will initially be accessible to all D-Wave customers in select countries via the Leap™ real-time quantum cloud service. Once Davidson’s secure facility modifications are completed, the system may be dedicated to developing and operating sensitive applications, primarily in national security.


Davidson’s President, Dale Moore, expressed his enthusiasm for this growing partnership:


“By housing the second US-based Advantage quantum computer at our facility in Huntsville, we will provide our government customers with unprecedented access to quantum computing technology. We’re honored to host a D-Wave Advantage computer and believe this will greatly advance quantum’s role in national security as we support the critical mission of defending the U.S. and its allies, both at home and abroad.”


Enhancing Warfighter Capabilities


Davidson aims to harness the power of quantum computing to drastically optimize Warfighter decision-making speeds with mission-critical products and solutions. The placement of the Advantage system underscores Davidson’s dedication to integrating advanced technologies to address unique and critical national defense challenges. Dr. Alan Baratz, CEO of D-Wave, highlighted this commitment:


“By placing an Advantage quantum computing system onsite at Davidson’s headquarters and creating a unique environment for operation, we’re opening up opportunities to tackle the U.S. government’s most pressing computational problems.”


Supporting National Quantum Initiatives


Our announcement comes at a pivotal time as Congress actively works on reauthorizing and expanding the National Quantum Initiative (NQI) Act. This effort is critical as quantum computing, leveraging quantum mechanics to perform computations at speeds which can far exceed those of classical computers, holds immense potential to revolutionize problem-solving across both private and public sectors.


Quantum applications can address pressing real-world challenges, including the optimization of multi-domain command and control weapon systems; advancements in molecular material design; contested logistics support; and integration of AI-enhanced autonomous systems. Recognizing the transformative power of quantum computing, Congress is considering various initiatives to bolster U.S. leadership in this field.


The federal government has traditionally focused on supporting long-term basic research in quantum technology, ensuring future competitiveness. However, there is now a significant push to support near-term quantum technologies, such as annealing quantum computing, which is already being used to solve optimization problems. To comprehensively address the quantum industry's needs, the reauthorization of the NQI and related legislation must encompass both immediate and future technological advancements.


Additionally, the NQI and related legislation must emphasize developing a skilled workforce capable of supporting the growing U.S. quantum industry. This includes funding talent programs that allow students to access various quantum computing training courses provided by the industry and supporting academic programs to attract and retain talent from diverse and underserved populations.


Davidson is proud to be at the forefront of this digital transformation, leveraging quantum computing to enhance national defense capabilities. Our partnership with D-Wave aligns with these federal initiatives, positioning us to contribute significantly to the nation's quantum technology landscape and bolster our mission to defend the United States and its allies.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in national defense technology.

Since 1996, Davidson has distinguished itself in the aerospace and missile defense industry with an outstanding reputation for performance excellence. We defend our nation and support the U.S. Warfighter by designing and delivering agile, intelligent solutions – leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Modeling & Simulation, Software Development, and Weapon Systems Cybersecurity in defense of our homeland.


D-Wave is a leader in the development and delivery of quantum computing systems, software, and services, and is the world’s first commercial supplier of quantum computers. D-Wave’s mission is to unlock the power of quantum computing today to benefit business and society. Their technology has been used by some of the world’s most advanced organizations, including Davidson Technologies, to tackle complex computational problems.



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