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Davidson Attends 2023 NORAD & USNORTHCOM Missile Warning and Defender of the Year Ceremony

Colorado Springs, CO – On Friday, October 13, Team Davidson was pleased to be in attendance as Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance hosted the 10th Annual NORAD & USNORTHCOM Missile Warning and Defender of the Year Award Ceremony. MDAA has been honored, for the last decade, to recognize excellence in missile warning and missile defense for North America and recognition of our Nation’s 20th anniversary of the stand-up of the 100th Missile Defense Brigade.

"It is our men and women who are the foundation cornerstone of excellence as leaders vital to their peers, to those they command, and to those that command them as we bring forward American and Canadian Airmen, Sailors, and Soldiers that have made the winning difference this year," says MDAA Chairman & Founder, Riki Ellison. "A stable, secure, and well-defended North America is a result of their leadership."

After MDAA awarded more than a dozen service members, including 2 lifetime achievement designees, Davidson President & CEO, MG John W. Holly (USA, Ret.) gave a speech to not only congratulate the awardees and their families, but to reflect on and commemorate 20 years of GMD operational capability.

"You're defending our homeland," Holly said. "Our families, our way of life, even my nine-year-old granddaughter. That's what you're doing day in and day out. And you're doing a brilliant job of it. So from the bottom of my heart, I say thank you to all of you."

Team Davidson was also proud to design and sponsor a GMD 20th Anniversary Commemorative coin, gifted to all award event attendees.



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